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If you’re looking for a dentist in Troy, OH then Brighter Days Dental wants to be your new home for ensuring your dental hygiene and continued dental health for you and your family. Of all your choices for a Troy, OH dentist, only one strives to serve and cover as many areas of dental health as possible. From implants, to emergency dentistry, to TMJ therapy, and cosmetic work, we want to make every part of your dental health comfortable for you, all throughout your life.

What Services Work for You?

No two mouths are the same. And we don’t want to treat any two patients the same either. Your teeth are your own, so are the bones that help anchor them, the gums that keep them in place, and any issues that may arise in life. In you need a cosmetic dentist in Troy, OH we’ll work to create for you your most perfect and natural smile, We want you to be confident, look good, and go out into the world with a bright outlook on your day, and rehabilitating a smile can be the key to that. If you need restorative dentistry, we’ve also got several options for you. Tooth extraction, dental implants, veneers, and many other options are available to you to ensure the restored health and vitality of your teeth. If you’re looking for any preventive work, we also offer teeth cleanings and regular check ups to keep you in the loop with the health of your teeth.

You may be new to dental hygiene, even the seasoned adult may not have taken the health and well being of their teeth as seriously. But it’s never too late to get into good dental habits and work to correct any lasting problems that may have arose from poor dental hygiene practices.

Are you Ready to Get Started?

Brighter Days is here to give you just that, brighter days. If you’re ready to consult with a professional on how best to tackle your dental hygiene call us at (937) 335-8014 today!

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