Family Dentistry

When it comes to taking care of your family, nothing is better than knowing you have done all you can to protect those precious smiles. Unfortunately, you can do only so much. Damage to teeth often occurs in the form or dental decay, periodontal infection (gum disease) or severe trauma. Fortunately, with the wide range of technologies at Brighter Days Dental along with the experience of Dr. Castle, we can provide top quality treatment for the entire family. It all starts with patient education.

Make Informed Decisions

Many patients fear the dentist, or more specifically, fear the unknown. They are unable to see the condition of their own mouth and it is hard for them to wrap their mind around treatment when they do not experience any symptoms. Fortunately, with our intraoral cameras and digital X-rays, you can see exactly what the dentist sees.

Dr. Castle can pinpoint problems early, draw attention to these problems and provide early intervention. She walks each patient through unique treatment options and works with her clients to find the right procedures to match their needs. As a patient of Brighter Days Dental, you can feel confident and make educated decisions about dental care for you and your family. No more walking in the dark!

Your Comfort Is Our Priority

Not only does advanced technology allow for better patient education, but also makes treatments more comfortable and efficient. You are more than just another set of teeth, and when you visit our office, we consider not only your smile, but also your overall health and well-being.

Certainly, Dr. Castle provides sedation dentistry for those who need it, but she also makes sure the tools she uses are of the highest standard so the need for sedation or anesthesia is minimal. With laser dentistry and Piezosurgery in particular, the dentist can work with such precision you will hardly notice the treatment at all. These tools also allow for faster procedures, less post-op pain and quick recovery times.

Choosing Dr. Castle for Your Family Dental Care

It is stressful, knowing you or a loved one needs dental treatment due to severe decay or trauma. You need a dentist you can trust! Whether you require a simple filling or a full mouth reconstruction, Dr. Castle is here to serve you and your dental health needs. Please call for an appointment at 937-335-8014.