Give Your Teeth The Crown They Deserve With The Help Of Dental Caps

Everyone deserves a treat for the hard work they unceasingly and willingly do. Even your teeth deserve a royal treatment for the services they offer you each and every day. Imagine the sacrifices and the damages they endure just to let you enjoy the pleasures of life, like eating and smiling. Dental caps Troy, OH may help you give your teeth the treatment they deserve.

What is a Dental Cap?

Dental cap, also known as dental crown, is a tooth-shaped “cap” that fully covers a weak or damaged tooth just above the gum line to restore its shape, size, strength, and improve its appearance.

What are the reasons for having dental caps?

People get dental caps or crowns for the following reasons:

  1.      To improve tooth’s appearance

With the help of dental caps Troy, the shape and size of the damaged tooth can be restored. You can also give your yellowish colored tooth a whiter appearance.

  1.      To protect and strengthen permanent teeth

Crowns or dental caps serve as the outer covering of the weak or damaged tooth, preventing further adversities it may get when taken for granted. Dental caps are also necessary when you have a bridgework or dental implants done.

  1.      To protect children’s baby teeth

Though primary teeth or “baby teeth” among children will eventually come off and be replace by permanent teeth, it is still better to protect them for oral health and hygiene practices.

What are the types of dental caps?

There are several types of dental caps Troy, Ohio you can choose from, depending on your preference.

  1.      Stainless steel caps

These prefabricated crowns are used for temporary measure, usually for children who still have primary teeth.

  1.      Metal caps

Gold alloy, other alloys (like palladium) or base-metal alloys (like nickel) are used for this type of cap. Compared to the other types, metal caps can withstand biting and chewing forces. They are hard to chip or break, making them long-lasting. On the other hand, it is more advisable to have this type of dental cap for the out-of-sight molars because of its metallic color.

  1.      Porcelain –fused-to-metal dental cap

This type of cap gives a more natural-looking appearance to the damaged or protected tooth. However, in some cases the metallic part of the cap gives a dark shade to the teeth. Another drawback is that its porcelain portion can easily chip and wear-out.

  1.      All-resin dental cap

Among the different types, the all-resin-dental cap is the cheapest when it comes to cost. But with a cheap cost comes a cheap quality. They easily wear down and are more prone to damages compared to the porcelain-fused-to-metal dental cap.

  1.      All-ceramic or all-porcelain cap

What’s good about this cap is that it gives a more natural color to your tooth, making them suitable to be done on front teeth, compared to other dental caps. This is also suited for people who are allergic to metal. On the other hand, they wear down easily.

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