Piezosurgery System

Dental surgical tools and techniques have advanced rapidly in the last two decades, and Dr. Castle uses the most modern technologies to ensure patients get the best treatment possible. The Piezosurgery system uses ultrasonic vibration for osteotomy (bone removal) and osteoplasy (bone repair). This device enables Dr. Castle to cut through mineralized structures without damaging soft tissue, which has numerous applications in dentistry.

What is the Piezosurgery System?

It is a device used for bone surgery that uses ultrasonic vibrations to cut through hard tissue and bone with precision. Basically, it is an ultrasound machine that concentrates ultrasonic frequency into a controlled tip that allows for clean cutting.

Drawbacks of Manual and Motorized Instruments

Most often oral surgeons use manual or motor-driven instruments; however, they do have their drawbacks. Manual devices usually offer good control for areas where tissue is less dense, but lack precision in tissue with denser mineralization. Motorized devices that use rotary, reciprocal or oscillatory movements often lack fine-touch precision, damage neighboring tissue and overheat bone or tissue to the point of necrosis (tissue death). These disadvantages are especially troublesome in dental procedures because not only are treatment areas small and difficult to access, but also contain underlying structures the oral surgeon cannot afford to damage.

Advantages of Piezosurgery

Dr. Castle invested in this technology to benefit her patients in a number of ways.  The hard tissues and structures of your mouth are all surrounded by soft tissues like arteries, nerves and sinus membranes. The Piezosurgery system is so accurate and easy for the dentist to use, it eliminates the risk of damaging these delicate structures. It also requires less hand pressure than rotary instruments and results in optimal user sensitivity and control. The use of this technology reduces the risk of post-operative bleeding, swelling and pain and also promotes faster healing time compared to traditional surgery. This advanced technology really does make your dental surgery more efficient and comfortable because of the absence of macro-vibrations.

When is Piezosurgery Used?

Though it has many applications, Dr. Castle generally uses piezosurgery for implantology and maxillofacial surgery. However, she can use this device for retrograde preparation of root canal, ridge augmentation and expansion, dental extractions and orthodontic surgeries. In periodontology, Dr. Castle can use this device to remove subgingival calculus deposits (tartar buildup below the gumline) and perform scaling and root planing (smoothing damaged enamel). With implants, the technology aids in site preparation, bone harvesting, bone grafting, sinus lifts and even implant removal if necessary.

Choosing Brighter Days Dental for Piezosurgery

If you want all the benefits modern dentistry can provide, then you need to consult with Dr. Castle. She has gone to great lengths to ensure patient comfort during all procedures, especially more invasive treatments. Oral surgery does not have to be a grueling procedure. With the Piezosuregry system, Dr. Castle can work quickly, efficiently and with little to no collateral damage. This technology allows our office to provide procedures that were not possible with traditional instruments.

If you want to learn more about our cutting edge dentistry or specifically about Piezosurgery, please contact our office today at 937-335-8014 to schedule your consultation with Dr. Castle