Sedation Dentistry

Many patients experience some level of anxiety about visiting the dentist, whether they are getting a simple filling or a more extensive surgery. These patients often benefit from sedation dentistry to help calm their nerves and make procedures go more quickly. Sedation not only makes treatment easier on patients, but also easier on Dr. Castle so she can perform procedures more efficiently.

Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

There are many advantages of sedation dentistry, but the top benefits include:

  1. Making appointments more agreeable.
  2. Helping patients overcome anxiety.
  3. Allowing patients to sit for longer treatments.
  4. Increasing patients pain threshold for treatments or anesthesia injections.
  5. Reducing the gag reflex.
  6. Erasing memory of the treatment.
  7. Eliminating psychological constraints that keep patients from the dental care they need.
  8. Relaxing patients so the dentist can concentrate on technical side of procedures.

Two Types of Sedation Dentistry

At Brighter Days Dental, we provide two types of dental sedation: oral sedation and inhalation sedation. Both are safe and efficient ways to help patients relax for necessary treatment. Dr. Castle works with her patients one-on-one to determine the best possible solutions to improve comfort and promote relaxation.

Oral Sedation (Anti-Anxiety Pills)

The most common dental related drugs for anxiety belong to the “benzodiazepine” family. Drugs such as Valium, Halcion, Xanax and Ativan reduce anxiety by restricting the fear receptors in the brain. It is a type of conscious sedation that puts you in a relaxed state without putting you to sleep. Oral sedation works in two ways: as a sedative and to relieve anxiety. Though you may feel tired and relaxed and may even fall asleep, you still are able to respond to the dentist and her commands during treatment. Dr. Castle will control the dosage to make sure you the right amount for your unique situation and can range from minimal to moderate sedation. She will ask you to take the medication approximately one hour before treatment so you feel relaxed at the time of your appointment. However, you will need to notify the dentist about your medical history, especially if you have allergies, impaired kidney or liver function, severe respiratory disease, are pregnant or have other conditions. You must be sure to mention any other medications you are taking as these drugs might have possible interactions.

Nitrous Oxide (Laughing Gas)

This is simply a colorless, sweet-smelling and non-irritating gas mixed with 50 percent to 70 percent oxygen, you can breathe. After just five minutes of breathing the gas you feel relaxed, even euphoric. You will still maintain full control of your body and the ability to breathe on your own. Dr. Castle can monitor the concentration of gas and the length of administration to best suit your needs. She can alter the depth of sedation at any time. Also, the use of nitrous oxide is safe, fast-acting and does not leave the patient with any side-effects. However, you should not use nitrous oxide if you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, emphysema, exotic chest problems, difficulty breathing or a severe cold.

Do not let high levels of stress or fear of the dentist keep you from the treatments you require. Neglecting your oral health could lead to far more serious problems. Talk with the dentist about your concerns and she will find a way to help you feel safe and comfortable during all procedures.

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