The Best Dental Advice You’re Not Taking


best dental adviceYour teeth help you accomplish a lot more than you think. For one, they allow you to properly chew and digest food. A good pair of teeth help you talk and pronounce different sounds clearly, and above all, perfectly aligned teeth help construct an attractive jawline and showcase a beautiful smile.

A great-looking smile is an invaluable asset to have, and by all means, you should do whatever you can to retain it.

Here’s the best dental advice from experts that you might not have heard about before. By integrating this best dental advice in your daily routine, you can truly give your teeth the care and attention they deserve.

The Right Kind of Brushing

Brushing the right way is important because it removes plaque and specks of food from your teeth, including the inner and outer surfaces. Here’s how you can do it right:

  •      Tilt a 45 degree angle against the lining of your gums and teeth. Move it in circular  motions against the surface of your teeth.
  •      Make sure to keep the bristles angled against your gum line while you brush the outer surface of your teeth.
  •      Repeat the same while brushing the inside surface of your teeth. Repeat the circular strokes with the front part of your brush to properly clean the gum line as well.
  •      Don’t forget to brush the biting surfaces of your teeth.
  •      Don’t skip cleaning your tongue.

How to Prevent Gum Disease

Removing plaque from your teeth prevents your gums from getting infected, swollen or inflamed. When people notice traces of blood while brushing, they brush in a way so as to diminish the purpose of brushing altogether. Even though it is important to continue brushing  with care, not using the right technique as a result of discomfort can lead to gum disease. If  plaque starts to form between your teeth, it can harden further into tartar, in which case, a dentist at Brighter Days Dental will give you thorough cleaning tips on good dental care.

Power Brushes

Many people think twice before buying power toothbrushes, fearing that they might cause some kind of damage. You should know there is no harm in using them if you have picked the right one. Power brushes are quite effective in removing plaque especially those with bi-directional rotating heads. They also serve as a bit of a novelty and attraction for kids and this may inspire them to brush regularly.

Misconceptions on Sugary Foods

There is a general misconception that having too much dessert or foods and drinks with high sugar content can cause tooth decay. Fact: what causes the actual decay is how often you have sugary meals each day, not the amount in a single serving. It takes about an hour for your teeth to break down the acid on your tooth’s enamel brought on by sugar-rich foods and drinks. So what you must do is avoid as many hours of these acid attacks as possible, while limiting sugary foods to your meals only. Also make sure to brush your teeth after every meal.

Although this is the best dental advice to improve dental health, some dental conditions require professional attention. Give us a call at (937) 335-8014 to book your appointment with Dr. Laura Castle.


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